About Screen Printing

About Screen Printing
Oct 19, 2015
Corvallis Custom

Screen printing is the hallmark process of apparel printing. Screen prints can be seen everywhere, but is pretty rare that we find someone who knows how it's actually done.

After the artwork is finalized, the colors are separated out from design. Each color represents an individual screen, and is paired with one of our plastisol inks. Designs are then burned into UV sensitive emulsion.

The screens are washed expose the details. Each screen then taped and aligned for printing. From there the selected ink can be loaded into the screen. Each apparel item is then aligned in the press and the colors are applied in sequence.

Once each color has been laid. The apparel goes through a curing oven to harden the ink and fuse it to the fabric. The apparel then sorted by size, folded, and a final quality check is performed before boxing delivery to our customers. The process is extensive, but worth it because it produces prints that will last for years.

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