5 reasons why print should be part of your marketing

5 reasons why print should be part of your marketing
Jun 1, 2019
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Here are 5 reasons why print should be part of your marketing:

1) Print Appeals to the Senses

Over the last two decades marketers have shifted ad spend to screen based advertisements, but in recent years studies have found that there’s not much for our senses to do with digital channels. The novelty is begining to wear off and as we look at our various-sized digital screens we're beginging to tune out more and more advertising attempts. With print, we not only see the paper but feel it and smell the ink. These sensory experiences are a big part of being human, and still resonate areas of the brain not stimulated by screen based ads.

Triggering multiple senses adds to the effectiveness of print advertising. Martin Lindstrom, writer of “Brand Sense,” believes that brands that appeal to more than three senses will be more successful with their advertising efforts than brands that don’t

2) Better Engagement

Digital technology has sped up our world. We don’t have time to write full letters (or even emails any more). We instead send quick texts and update friends and family with 140 characters or less. These micro communications, while quick, don't provide the level of human connection that long-form communication does.

Digital technology simply isn’t very engaging. While we surf the web, we are apt to be talking on the phone and cooking at the same time. Print is different. When a consumer holds a flyer, letter, magazine, or newspaper in their hands, they stop all other activities and focus on that content. This length of attention is rare these days and very valuable. Impression time direclty correlates to retention, and print creates longer impression time.

3) Print Readers Have a Longer Attention Span

Recent neurological research suggests our brains process information differently based on how we receive it. Our brains on paper seem to have a longer attention span than our brains on a digital screen. When reading print, we have less distractions (I’m talking to you pop-ups and flashing banner ads) and are able to fully take in the messaging.

This messaging resonates for longer and with more permanence in the minds of your customers.

4) Print is Still more Trustworthy

Recent surveys continue to show that consumers trust print media far more than they do social media and other online channels. They are also more apt to make a purchase after seeing a print ad than an online ad.

5) Print Ads Make More of an Impact

Digital media is ubiquitous, so much so that everyone has begun to block out the noise. Those B2B brands trying to target C-level audiences would be smart to forget sending emails and send a nice brochure instead. And B2C business owners will also find direct mail more often gets read while emails simply get deleted.

An effective marketing campaign works best when print is integrated with other digital solutions. In fact, research has shown print’s ability to increase ROI by as much as 240% when reinforced with digital campaigns.

If you haven’t yet incorporated print into your marketing mix- it's time to get started, and remember to make print media a complement to any digital campaigns you're running.


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