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Here at Corvallis Custom, our focus is around you, your brand, and building a plan to help you succeed. SWAG stores are an excellent way to sell gear for your Event, Cause, or Business. SWAG stores provide customers with the options you decide on, collect individual sizes, take payment, and our staff handles the rest. From production, to fufilment your customers see an easy and seemless process.

SWAG Stores

You focus on the promotion, we'll handle orders and fufilment



Swag Store FAQ Sheet

1. How much does it cost to set up a swag store?

   - The initial setup fee for a swag store is $199.

2. What is included in the setup fee?

   - The setup fee includes the establishment of your swag store platform and the creation of up to 5 unique variations (designs) for your products.

3. Can I have more than 5 product variations at the start?

   - Yes, you can have more than 5 product variations at the beginning, but each additional variation beyond the initial 5 will cost an extra $50.

4. Is there a minimum monthly requirement to keep the store active?

   - Yes, to keep your swag store active, you must meet a monthly minimum of $100 in sales.

5. What happens if I don't meet the monthly minimum?

   - If the monthly minimum of $100 is not met, your swag store may be subject to deactivation.

6. Can I add more products after the initial setup?

   - After the first month, based on the compiled sales data, you may be eligible to add more products to your store. In some cases, additional products may be added for free, depending on the achieved sales numbers. Additionally, you are welcome to remove an existing design and replace it with a new one free of charge.

7. Are there discounts available for schools, universities, and non-profits?

   - Yes, schools, universities, and non-profits may be eligible for discounts on the initial store setup.

8. How do I inquire about discounts for educational institutions and non-profits?

   - Contact our support team with details about your organization, and they will provide information on available discounts.

9. Can I change the designs of my products later?

   - Yes, you can update and change your product designs as needed. However, significant design changes may incur additional fees.

10. Is there ongoing support for the swag store?

   - Yes, ongoing support is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter with your swag store.

11. How do I contact support for assistance?

   - You can reach our support team through the contact information provided on the swag store platform.

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