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Price and Time are likely your two biggest concerns.

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We can match almost any competitor’s quote, even if it is one of the online discounters. On top of a price match, you’ll get our friendly, experienced, responsive customer service.

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Because we are local, you don’t have to wait for production and shipping from out of town. In the rare instance there is a problem, we can respond immediately so you get your apparel when you need it.

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We LOVE answering questions. Every project is custom, requiring attention to detail and the bigger picture. This is why we assign a custom project manager to each project.

Here are some common questions. Please reach out to us to receive a custom answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your order minimums?

For screen print, we suggest starting at 12 to ensure you are getting the most cost effective method of printing for the setups involved. If you expect to order fewer than 12, we can suggest alternative methods to you based on your artwork and turnaround time.

What are your turnaround times for printing?

Apparel: 10-15 business from approval of order, including artwork, and receipt of deposit.

Vinyl: 5-7 business days from approval of order, including artwork and receipt of deposit.

Paper: 7-10 business days from approval of order, including artwork and receipt of deposit.

Promotional items: varies depending on order specifics, plan for a minimum of 7 business days.

Can you rush print items?

Yes, rush printing timeframes are available. A minimum of $50 will be added to your order in order to guarantee a timeframe inside our standard completion date. This will be discussed with you in advance of production. However, we are not able to accommodate printing in under 24 hours, as it compromises the finish quality of our products to shorten manufacturer recommended dry times.

Do I need to get my design approved through OSU or Greek Life?

Short answer: yes! Longer answer: We can help you with this. If you are using the Oregon State name, logo or associated branding (like OSU, Beavs, etc.) we will need to get your artwork approved through CLC in order to make sure that it does not violate the terms of use of our license or school standards. Please allow for a minimum of 3-5 days for this process to complete. We also submit all artwork with official Greek letters, house names, or crests through Affinity. Please allow another 3-5 days for this process to complete.

Can you print on anything?

Within reason, yes we can! Certain fabric types and styles are more suitable for some types more than others, and we can help guide you through those choices as they come up. For example: rain coats that are waterproofed can’t be screenprinted for obvious reasons, so we will suggest embroidery for items like that.

Can you handle large orders?

Absolutely! We will work with you during all phases of your project to ensure that we have sizing, colors, quantities and artwork in place to ensure your order is perfect. We will confirm these numbers with you in writing before we proceed to production so that there are no mistakes. But if a mistake is made (hey, we’re human!) we will make it right.

Do you offer price matching?

Yes, we will match pricing to the best of our ability for quotes from the last 30 days for identical printing methods and model numbers. In some cases, we can’t match pricing from shops overseas or operating in parts of the country with significantly lower business costs(minimum wages, shipping fees, rents, etc.) because we won’t compromise quality in order to do so. We will be honest with you about this and may be able to suggest alternatives for apparel items that are on sale in order to help get you the best possible deal.

What if I want something you don’t offer?

We have great relationships with many local shops and businesses and will gladly recommend one to fit your needs.

What if something goes wrong with my order?

We hope it won’t – but if it does, Corvallis Custom has a long standing commitment to customer satisfaction and we will do our best to make it right.  Because each project is different, our solution will change to accommodate. Situations that might warrant a reprint of your order include:

  • Artwork is incorrect or not what was approved
  • Sizes are incorrect
  • Apparel color does not match the approved invoice

Some situations that may not warrant a reprint:

  • The fit of the clothing is not what you expected
  • The approved artwork didn’t look the way you wanted once finished
  • Color matching that was not previously part of the quote or artwork discussion
  • Changes to quantities, colors, art or apparel post-approval that impacted cost or delivery date

What is a Custom Project Manager?

You’ll never work with a robot in our shop. Each project is important, and will be handled with professional care by each member of our team from design to production. Your Project Manager will talk you through your options, discuss pricing and due dates, and will walk you through to steps to retrieve artwork and get final proof approval. Your PM also communicates project specifics to the production team and is responsible for acquiring the materials needed to complete your project. They also serve as the main point of contact for your questions, concerns or feedback during and after the project. When you call, they answer the phone. When you email, they respond. In short, your PM is your main point of contact and liaison to project completion – and they’re pretty nice people, to boot.

How do you compete so well with the competition?

We offer a price match guarantee – if you want to work with us and we aren’t the best quote you got, send us a copy of the quote within 30 days and we will do everything we can to earn that business.

We constantly price check and update our inventory and vendors so that we can stay competitive without compromising quality. This commitment to quality means that on occasion, there are quotes we can’t beat, because doing so would mean delivering substandard materials or using shortcuts we find unethical, such as trafficked foreign labor or environmentally degrading products. We take pride in our values and we’re willing to pay a little more in order to ensure that we maintain high standards in our industry.

What are my options?

What are the steps in printed apparel?


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