Printing Templates

Apparel Templates





11x17 Front/Back

11x17 Front/Back Template.jpg 11x17 Front/Back Template.psd 11x17 Front/Back Template.eps

4x3 Pocket

4X3 pocket template.jpg 4X3 pocket template.psd 4X3 pocket template.eps

4x6 Sleeve

4X6 sleeve template.jpg 4X6 sleeve template.psd 4X6 sleeve template.eps


Brochures Templates






Accordion Fold

8.5x11 8.5x11-Accordion.jpg 8.5x11-Accordion.psd 8.5x11-Accordion.eps
  8.5x14 8.5x14-Accordion.jpg 8.5x14-Accordion.psd 8.5x14-Accordion.eps

Double Gate Fold

8.5x11 8.5x11-Double-Gate.jpg 8.5x11-Double-Gate.psd 8.5x11-Double-Gate.eps
  8.5x14 8.5x14-Double-Gate.jpg 8.5x14-Double-Gate.psd 8.5x14-Double-Gate.eps

Tri Fold

8.5x11 Inside.jpg / Outside.jpg Inside.psd / Outside.psd Inside.eps / Outside.eps
  8.5x14 Inside.jpg / Outside.jpg Inside.psd / Outside.psd Inside.eps / Outside.eps


Business Card Templates





3.5x2 Standard

3.5x2 Standard.jpg 3.5x2 Standard.psd 3.5x2 Standard.eps

3.5x2 Rounded-Corner

3.5x2 Rounded-Corner.jpg 3.5x2 Rounded-Corner.psd 3.5x2 Rounded-Corner.eps

3.5x2 Oval



Door Hangers Templates





3.5x8.5 Door Hanger

3.5x8.5 Door Hanger.jpg 3.5x8.5 Door Hanger.psd 3.5x8.5 Door Hanger.eps

4.25x11 Door Hanger

4.25x11 Door Hanger.jpg 4.25x11 Door Hanger.psd 4.25x11 Door Hanger.eps

4.25x14 Door Hanger

4.25x14 Door Hanger.jpg 4.25x14 Door Hanger.psd 4.25x14 Door Hanger.eps

4x7 Door Hanger

4x7 Door Hanger.jpg 4x7 Door Hanger.psd 4x7 Door Hanger.eps


Envelope Templates





A2 5.75x4.375 - Front

A2 5.75x4.375 - Front.jpg   A2 5.75x4.375 - Front.eps

A2 5.75x4.375 - Back

A2 5.75x4.375 - Back.jpg   A2 5.75x4.375 - Back.eps

A6 6.5x4.75 - Front

A6 6.5x4.75 - Front.jpg   A6 6.5x4.75 - Front.eps

A6 6.5x4.75 - Back

A6 6.5x4.75 - Back.jpg   A6 6.5x4.75 - Back.eps

A7 5.25x7.25 - Front

A7 5.25x7.25 - Front.jpg   A7 5.25x7.25 - Front.eps

A7 5.25x7.25 - Back

A7 5.25x7.25 - Back.jpg   A7 5.25x7.25 - Back.eps

A9 5.75x8.75 - Front

A9 5.75x8.75 - Front.jpg   A9 5.75x8.75 - Front.eps

A9 5.75x8.75 - Back

A9 5.75x8.75 - Back.jpg   A9 5.75x8.75 - Back.eps

#9 8.875x3.875 - Front

#9 8.875x3.875 - Front.jpg   #9 8.875x3.875 - Front.eps

#9 8.875x3.875 - Back

#9 8.875x3.875 - Back.jpg   #9 8.875x3.875 - Back.eps

#10 9.5x4.125 - Front

#10 9.5x4.125 - Front.jpg   #10 9.5x4.125 - Front.eps

#10 9.5x4.125 - Back

#10 9.5x4.125 - Back.jpg   #10 9.5x4.125 - Back.eps

Flag Templates





Pole Flag 4ft x 5ft

Pole Flag 4ft x 5ft.jpg   Pole Flag 4ft x 5ft.eps

Feather Flag 8ft

Feather Flag 8ft.jpg   Feather Flag 8ft.eps

Feather Flag 10ft

Feather Flag 10ft.jpg   Feather Flag 10ft.eps

Feather Flag 12ft Jumbo

Feather Flag 12ft Jumbo.jpg   Feather Flag 12ft Jumbo.eps

Teardrop Flag 7ft

Teardrop Flag 7ft.jpg   Teardrop Flag 7ft.eps

Teardrop Flag 9ft

Teardrop Flag 9ft.jpg   Teardrop Flag 9ft.eps

Teardrop Flag 11ft

Teardrop Flag 11ft.jpg   Teardrop Flag 11ft.eps


Flyers Templates





3x4 Flyer

3x4 Flyer.jpg 3x4 Flyer.psd 3x4 Flyer.eps

4x6 Flyer

4x6 Flyer.jpg 4x6 Flyer.psd 4x6 Flyer.eps

4x9 Flyer

4x9 Flyer.jpg 4x9 Flyer.psd 4x9 Flyer.eps

5x7 Flyer

5x7 Flyer.jpg 5x7 Flyer.psd 5x7 Flyer.eps

6x9 Flyer

6x9 Flyer.jpg 6x9 Flyer.psd 6x9 Flyer.eps

8.5x11 Flyer

8.5x11 Flyer.jpg 8.5x11 Flyer.psd 8.5x11 Flyer.eps

8.5x11 Flyer Horizontal

8.5x11 Flyer Horizontal.jpg 8.5x11 Flyer Horizontal.psd 8.5x11 Flyer Horizontal.eps

11x17 Flyer

11x17 Flyer.jpg 11x17 Flyer.psd 11x17 Flyer.eps

11x17 Flyer Horizontal

11x17 Flyer Horizontal.jpg 11x17 Flyer Horizontal.psd 11x17 Flyer Horizontal.eps


Magnets Templates





2x3.5 Magnet

2x3.5 Magnet.jpg   2x3.5 Magnet.eps

2x3.5 Oval Magnet

2x3.5 Oval Magnet.jpg   2x3.5 Oval Magnet.eps

4x6 Magnet

4x6 Magnet.jpg   4x6 Magnet.eps

4x8 Magnet

4x8 Magnet.jpg   4x8 Magnet.eps

5x7 Magnet

5x7 Magnet.jpg   5x7 Magnet.eps

6x6 Magnet

6x6 Magnet.jpg   6x6 Magnet.eps


Poster Templates





8.5x11 Poster

8.5x11 Poster.jpg 8.5x11 Poster.psd 8.5x11 Poster.eps

8.5x11 Poster Horizontal

8.5x11 Poster Horizontal.jpg 8.5x11 Poster Horizontal.psd 8.5x11 Poster Horizontal.eps

11x17 Poster

11x17 Poster.jpg 11x17 Poster.psd 11x17 Poster.eps

11x17 Poster Horizontal

11x17 Poster Horizontal.jpg 11x17 Poster Horizontal.psd 11x17 Poster Horizontal.eps

13x19 Poster

13x19 Poster.jpg   13x19 Poster.eps

13x19 Poster Horizontal

13x19 Poster Horizontal.jpg   13x19 Poster Horizontal.eps

18x24 Poster

18x24 Poster.jpg   18x24 Poster.eps

18x24 Poster Horizontal

18x24 Poster Horizontal.jpg   18x24 Poster Horizontal.eps

19x27 Poster

19x27 Poster.jpg   19x27 Poster.eps

19x27 Poster Horizontal

19x27 Poster Horizontal.jpg   19x27 Poster Horizontal.eps

24x36 Poster

24x36 Poster.jpg   24x36 Poster.eps

24x36 Poster Horizontal

24x36 Poster Horizontal.jpg   24x36 Poster Horizontal.eps

26x39 Poster

26x39 Poster .jpg   26x39 Flyer .eps

26x39 Poster Horizontal

26x39 Poster Horizontal.jpg   26x39 Poster Horizontal.eps



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